About Me - Your Pet Sitter
About Alison and her Pets
Taza was our first dog. We
lost Taza in May 09.
Tori is our 8 year old Vizsla.
I grew up in Washington Crossing, PA. Since a child I have
always watched the neighborhood pets. I have always have
had a strong passion for animals. I am first generation off the
farm but my Dad would take us as children to the family farms
in Minnesota. I was never inside and to be honest I was a
painfully shy child that preferred being in barns with the
animals then the people. I drove my Dad crazy bringing home
every stray pet possible.

Well things have not changed much since, accept now my
husband who also loves animals has to deal with all of my
"children", rescues and strays!

We are both very active in the welfare of animals and involved
in not only having a pack of our own, but in rescue work as
well. This passion is how Alley Cat Pet Services began.

Alley Cat Pet Services always goes above and beyond. That is
what makes this compnay stand out. I have made this service
to be top quality not only with pet sitting but dog training as

Some people think I am crazy for owning so many dogs. I on
the other hand I have been able to study how a pack works
together. I understand how dogs communicate and what they
are  trying to tell you. You cannot buy or watch TV to get
that experience you have to live it.

Hoshi was my biggest challenge to date when it comes ot
Hoshi was born 100% deaf. The breeder would have
liked to have taken her back and euthanized her. This was
never an option for me. Hoshi has learned over 30 hand
signals. We continue to train, love, and treat her just like the
rest of her pack. She is a "special needs" dog but not in the
way one would think. It our job as pet parents to keep Hoshi
safe from things most pet owners do not normally think of.
She has opened my eyes and taught me things about training
and dogs I could never have dreamed of knowing.

My husband and I spend all of our time with our dogs. We are
either taking them camping, hiking, playing in the yard, or just
sitting and relaxing with them. For me I am literally around
animals of all kinds 24 hours a day!

My pack is on the right of this page. They are all female dogs
which is unusual in its self. We also have 2 parrots. Listed
below are photos' I wanted to share with you of how we spend
our time when I am not with your pets training or pet sitting.
Luna is our 6 year old Boston
Mika is our 4 year old
Boston. This is Luna's
Sora is our other 4 year
old Boston.
Hoshi is our 3 year old deaf
Katashi is our  2 years old
Bella is our 2 year old Goffin.
JoJi is our 1 year old
new ownership as of August 28, 2014.
The new owner will be updating her
information shortly. The contact
information has been updated to reach
Sue to schedule your appointment.