Alley Cat Pet Services - Fosters           
Some of my fosters.
This page has been dedicated to all pets in need of fostering. If
you know of pet that needs a new home please send
information so we can post them.
This is Phoebe. She was rescued from a
puppy mill on 3/21/08 along with 3 others.
This was her first moments with us. She
was scared to death.
I was very pleased to announce that
Phoebe found her forever home! This is
her new parents. Thanks to people like
them they gave Phoebe a very happy
ending to a very sad story.
This is Kiera. My Vet called me to see if I
could help save this very mistreated bird.
We tried for months. Every time we
thought she was getting better she would
relapse due to the poor care she received
from her previous owners. Keira passed
on 11/27/08.
This is Bea. My husband and I found her
in the neighborhood starving. We had her
updated on vaccinations and kept her
until she was healthy and the proper
weight. She found her forever home with a
local teacher.
This is Ben and my dog Tori. My
husband found Ben and his sister
dumped in a bus lot. We vaccinated
them and found forever homes for Ben
and his sister.
This is Buds. Someone found this
squirrel on a basketball court. It was
given to me to nurse from a bottle and
released back into the wild. He does
still come by and peak over the fence.
We have no physical contact anymore.
This is Sheik. His owner retired and
could no longer keep him. He was
going to put him down at the age of 23. I
kept him for 2 years and retired him to a
couple in New Hope who does not ride
but loves to take of him.
This little bunny was left after a flood.
We were able to save him and release
him back into the wild.
Help Stop Puppy Mills
Buddy had been
Adopted! 2-2011
If you have a dog that needs to find a home due to
unfortunate circumstances please contact me directly to add
tot his page.